USA Racquetball is Looking for New Coaches – Get Involved!

by USA Racquetball

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USA Racquetball

Would you love to give back to your community, your local gym, and racquetball, by introducing new people to the game? Do you want to increase racquetball participation in your area, but don’t know how?  Help us grow this amazing sport by getting involved in your local community.

USA Racquetball is kicking off a “Growing the Sport” initiative designed to help you do just that. Whatever your level of play, whatever format of racquetball you play or want to teach – we are looking for people willing to get involved at the local level to build a grass roots system for racquetball development. Whether you play indoor or outdoor, have the access or facilities to teach juniors, high schools, colleges, or adults – we want to help you with whatever is in your interest and the interest of your community. And regardless if you want to coach one person or 100, we’ll have the materials to get you started, including reimbursing your USA Racquetball IP Certification Exam fee.

We are in the process of pulling together resources for new coaches and teachers to develop whatever type of program would suit your needs. Examples of such resources include programs/manuals on how to teach new players the sport, access to experienced coaches to give you guidance, and marketing materials for you to reach your target audience.

If you, or someone you know, might be interested in coaching, please reach out to TJ Baumbaugh at or Karen Grisz at

If you are an experienced coach or program director willing to help others, we’d love for you to join us! Let TJ or Karen know at the emails above.