Referee Certification


If you would like to become a better referee or a certified referee, then it is recommended that you download and review the Official Rules of Racquetball from the USA Racquetball web site as a starting point. Reviewing the Rule Book will give you a better understanding of the test and make it easier to pass on the first attempt.

You will be asked to enter your email and create a password for each test, in case your internet drops and you have to return.

There are three parts to becoming certified. The first two parts are free and will give you more knowledge and a better understanding of the rules. You may take these parts as many times as you like.

The third part will test your ability to make calls as if you were the referee in a real match. This part consists of twenty five videos. Just as in a real match, you will be expected to watch everything going on in the court. There is only one infraction in each video, although there may appear to be more. As an example, there may appear to be a foot fault when it was actually a drive serve violation. So pay close attention. Some videos don’t have an infraction. In twenty three videos you will be expected to make a call, and then answer two followup questions that are multi-choice. The other two videos deal with line judges, and all three questions are multi-choice. There is a $25 fee to take the video portion and you can re-take that portion five times before you must pay again.


Part one is the Clinic Videos. This is a one hour clinic broken up into four parts. You must watch each part and answer one multi-choice question following the video. Passing score is 75%. When you have passed this portion a link to the written test will be emailed to you.

The link for this portion is Clinic Test.

Part two is the written test. This test consists of fifty multi-choice and true/false questions. The questions are randomly chosen from a bank of sixty three questions so every time you take it will be different. Passing grade is 86%.

Once you have passed this test a link will be emailed to you for the video test, should you decide to take it.

The third part is the video test as explained above. When you start this test you will be directed to a PayPal paywall to pay the $25 fee. You will then be re-directed back to the test. All PayPal fees are paid by the USA Racquetball. Should your internet connection drop during the test you can use the email and password you created to return without having to repay the fee. It is very important that you take this part of the test on a PC. It will be hard to watch the videos on a small screen. Read the instructions prior to taking the test. It will help you to pass the test the first time by answering the questions in the required format.

When you have completed this portion of the test it will be sent to a grader to complete. This may take 7-10 days or may be much quicker. Graders are volunteers. You will receive an email with your grade. If you pass you will be sent a Completion Certificate you can print out. You will then be added to the list of Certified Referees on the R2 site, and you name will come up on every tournament you enter stating you are a Certified Referee.

Referee Certification is good for three years. To renew you must go through the process again as rules normally change or are added every year.

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