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    It is the first revision since 2020 and includes the seven rule changes passed by the USAR’s Board of Directors in July 2023. The most significant changes were increasing the length of timeouts to one-minute, but limiting players to two timeouts per game and decreasing the amount of time between games two and three to 2 minutes. You may also note several other wording changes made only to clarify previously existing rules including the addition of jumping into the section involving hinders. I recommend reading the full document to learn all of them.

    Procedures for proposing future changes to the USAR rules are found near the end of the Rulebook as Competition Policy and Procedure E-1.

    Download a PDF copy here: USAR Rulebook (Adobe PDF)

    USAR Official Rules & Regulations of Racquetball - Table of Contents

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    The 2020 USAR Official Rules of Racquetball are copyrighted. All rights reserved. These rules may be downloaded and printed for reference. Copyright © 2020 USAR. For information about reprint please contact USA Racquetball.

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