USA Racquetball National Adult Team Singles Qualifying | In Memory of Geoff Peters

by Cheryl Kirk

The legendary Glass Court Swim & Fitness in Lombard, Illinois, was the site of the National Adult Team Singles Qualifying Event, In Memory of Geoff Peters, May 26-28, 2023. An amateur shootout tournament was competed at the same time, providing a lively back drop for the qualifying matches on the Glass Stadium Court. 
The court was dedicated to Geoff Peters on September 25, 2021, and there is no doubt Geoff would be proud that his court was the site of the 2023-24 U.S. Team qualifying matches. Geoff’s family came to visit on Saturday afternoon: Debra Peters; daughter and son-in-law Kara Peters and Bob Martin; and son and daughter-in-law Kevin and Kerra Peters. Debra, Kara, and Kevin were interviewed on livestream by Karen Grisz, and we loved hearing their insights on Geoff’s contributions to Racquetball and his dedication to the game and love for the Racquetball community. 
Matches were competed on Friday evening and all day Saturday with the U.S. Team 3rd place playoffs and finals early Sunday afternoon. 
-- Men’s Team Qualifying
Daniel De La Rosa (TX) def. Adam Manilla (CO) in 5 games  

Singles Runner Up Adam Manilla and Champion Daniel De La Rosa

-- Women’s Team Qualifying
Erika Manilla (CO) def. Kelani Lawrence (VA) in 4 games  

Singles Champion Erika Manilla and Runner Up Kelani Lawrence

The complete set of draws can be viewed at, and more coverage is available on USA Racquetball’s Facebook page. 
Much gratitude goes to USA Racquetball Sponsors (Penn, Gearbox Racquetball, WIS Inventory Solutions, and Team Dovetail) and to Illinois Sponsors (Glass Court Swim & Fitness, Anthony’s Pizza, PapaNicholas Coffee, and Response Graphics & Embroidery).
We absolutely couldn’t have done it without you!

All the Volunteers that made the 2023 USA Racquetball National Adult Team Singles Qualifying possible


Thanks to everyone who was on hand. It was “aces in their places,” and we're so grateful:
USAR Board President Stewart Solomon (memorial video)
USAR Staff Members Mike Grisz (Exec. Director), Karen Grisz, Jonathan Greenberg, and Aimee Roehler (social media)
Pablo Fajre, Karen Grisz, Jonathan Greenberg, Stewart Solomon, and Craig Clement, Jr. – Live Streaming
Rodrigo Rodriguez and Cheryl Gudinas – U.S. Team Qualifying match referees
Numerous line judges including local celebrities Andy Pitock and Alok Mehta
John Thorson and Kit Lawson – Photography
Athletic Trainer Rodger Fleming 
Tournament Assistant Chandler Fleming
Special thanks go to Barbara Curran, Jason Duffecy, Pam Pitock, and Kit Lawson for their assistance on Sunday after the Finals.
We were so happy to see Jen Meyer (Assistant U.S. Junior Team Coach for 20+ years), Nancy and Victor Manilla, Malia Kamahoahoa Bailey, Jeremy Dixon, Mela Sauma, and Dave Negrete. 
**IT’S A WRAP!**
Much gratitude goes to Joe De Armas, Dan Jaskier, and the Staff of Glass Court Swim & Fitness for their warm hospitality to the Racquetball community – local, national, and international – year in and year out. 

Here's the 10-member U.S. Team roster for the coming 2023-24 season that begins June 1, 2023. Congratulations to all!
-- Men’s Team
Wayne Antone IV
Jake Bredenbeck
Daniel De La Rosa
Alejandro Landa
Adam Manilla
-- Women’s Team
Michelle Key
Kelani Lawrence
Erika Manilla
Rhonda Rajsich
Hollie Scott
Wishing everyone a great summer!

Photos by Cheryl Kirk

2023 USA Racquetball National Adult Team Singles Qualifying

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