3WallBall Vegas Permanent Courts Broken Down

by Mike Coulter

As most of you know, we lost our permanent back courts in December 2019. While the bulk of the remaining construction materials needed to host the annual 3WallBall event were placed in Conex boxes and remain on the back lot, that is no longer the case. The photos below show all that is left after I, ten workers, and some heavy-duty equipment spent the better part of three days moving the materials to a new lot. At least it wasn't 100 degrees! 

The Strat - Las Vegas Outdoor Courts

It was a great location for these courts, a chance to practice, host shoot-outs and enjoy coming to Vegas to hang out and we miss it. Enjoy the nostalgic look.


Outdoor Courts at the Strat - Las Vegas

Outdoor Courts at the Strat - Las Vegas Disassembled

Storage Containers at the Strat - Las Vegas for Outdoor Courts


Photos courtesy of Mike Coulter

Mike Coulter manages the 3WallBall Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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