Antique Racquetball Items on YouTube

by Jim Easterling

Some of you “senior” and some of you “younger” racquetball people might enjoy looking at some “older” racquetball paraphernalia: things like old racquetball racquets, balls, cans, posters, magazines, etc..

Chelsea George produced a YouTube segment, 12 minutes 20 seconds long, showing my long-time collection of racquetball items I’ve collected over the years. To the best of my knowledge, I have the biggest collection of racquetballs and racquetball containers anywhere.

All you have to do is go to YouTube and put it the words “Jim racquetball museum,” and a segment will pop up that has old racquetball items on it: Jim Easterling’s Basement RACQUETBALL MUSEUM or click HERE

Make sure, other than watching the YouTube segment, you scroll down below the segment and click on “Show more” and read the 3 or 4 paragraphs below. There are some interesting racquetball facts in these paragraphs.

Also somewhere in those paragraphs, it will show you how to get to the USA Racquetball website and how to look at a lot of the old racquetball magazines including the very first one that came out in November 1972. Or...

Visit and from the drop-down menu, choose Publications. Racquetball of the past will open before your very eyes! Take a look at About/History of Racquetball, too.

If you start checking out some of the old racquetball magazines, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time because once you start flipping thought the pages, time gets away from you!

Have fun!

Jim and Dianne Easterling
Lansing, Michigan

Antique Racquetball Collection