March 14, 2022 Board Update

by USA Racquetball

The Board of Directors is busier than ever prioritizing initiatives and meeting the considerable-but-rewarding demands of strategic planning. Service on Standing Committees (see About/Bylaws, Article IX: on the USAR website) are time commitments that Board members devote in areas where they have keen interest and/or specific skills and experience to contribute. 


Committee needs are analyzed every year directly after the Board’s Annual Meeting in late May. If you have specific interest in one or more committees and would like to know more, i.e., time commitments and what to expect from committee service, please write using one of the contact email addresses at the end of this article. Alternatively, do seek out a Board member at the upcoming National Singles & Doubles Championships in Texas at the end of May. We’d love to say hello!


MEETING HIGHLIGHTS -- USA Racquetball Board of Directors -- February 28, 2022

Eleven Board members were in attendance via Zoom along with Executive Director Mike Wedel. 

Following are some points of interest:

Executive Director Update (Mike Wedel)

Pre-read document provided in advance of the meeting. Discussion topics included:

  • US OPEN Planning Update - September 28-October 2, 2022
  • National Event Calendar Update 
  • Referee and Instructor Program Testing Upgrade: A new stand-alone platform website is set up and under construction.  
  • An update was provided surrounding future enhancements for the sport relative to events, facilities, and sponsorships. 
  • Regional Championships -- five signed and scheduled to date.
  • USAR Stadium Court plans during and after The World Games in Birmingham, July 2022.
  • Membership Update: 5,077 and increasing since the pandemic critically impacted membership levels beginning in the second quarter of 2020. 

Questions for Mike included topics related to the National Championships event schedule; Regionals competitions; US OPEN logistics; and information about the Birmingham World Games. 

Budget/Finance Committee Update 

Financial performance in January significantly lagged projections, largely due to the postponement of National Doubles and weaker membership revenue than anticipated. Of course, February expenses will be considerably reduced due to the postponement on National Doubles. It is yet to be determined to what degree the quarterly or annual forecast may need to be adjusted. On a positive note, membership and sanction fee revenue in January far outpaced that seen in January 2021.



An update was provided on current activity taking place to identify a US Team Roster/Delegation for the Pan American Racquetball Championships (PARC) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (April 2022). 



A pre-meeting is scheduled with the USOPC to share work-to-date and gain feedback from the Certification Review Group (CRG). An update was provided regarding required additional SafeSport education/training for the Board and Staff as part of the recertification process. 


New Business (All)   

Board members were asked to assist in identifying Junior players across the U.S. to feature in upcoming issues of Serving Up the News.  


Next Meeting: Monday, March 28, 2022







The makeup of the USAR Board of Directors is diverse and robust, including four state association presidents, two pro tour representatives, the NMRA president, several business owners, and three elite racquetball athletes. They bring a wide range of skills and knowledge gained from multiple areas of business, educational, and racquetball experience. 


Visit to view Board members’ photos and profiles. Just click on each photo to see the profile, and click on the name to send an email.


Please visit the USAR website at -- About/Bylaws, Article VII, to learn about Board of Directors Position Categories: At Large Elected, Board Appointed, Executive Appointed, and Athlete Representatives.




We hope you are finding this newsletter feature informative, and we always welcome suggestions and/or questions to include in future updates. Please contact Stewart Solomon (VP) or Cheryl Kirk (Secretary).


If you have questions about the Staff’s activities, please contact Mike Wedel.


Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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