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Announcement regarding the US OPEN Championships

by USA Racquetball

USA Racquetball will hold the 27th US OPEN Championships in May of 2024 instead of the fall of 2023.

The USA Racquetball Board of Directors believes this is in the best interest of the organization and our racquetball partner organizations, the players, and fans. The venue will be the same as in 2022 – the University of Minnesota – which, if you weren’t there this past year, is a fabulous location for this Grand Slam Event.

We have decided to change the date for the following reasons:

  1. Schedule conflicts. Several significant events are happening in the fall of 2023 that make the racquetball tournament calendar very crowded (in a good way)!
    • 3WallBall’s World Championships is scheduled for September 27th – October 1st. This tournament is always scheduled around that time, but because of Homecoming at the University of Minnesota, we can’t use our “traditional” Columbus Day weekend dates a week later.
    • The Pan American Games run from October 20th through November 5th, 2023. The US Delegation will be heading to Santiago, Chile, for this every-four-year event, further limiting scheduling options.
    • The IRT and LPRT are finalizing details to have a Grand Slam in Bolivia in early September 2023. They last traveled there in 2019, which is an excellent opportunity for both tours.
  2. In addition to the logistics brought on by the busy fall schedule, this postponement allows USA Racquetball a greater opportunity to obtain the sponsorships necessary to put on this tournament. We cannot afford to have the unsatisfactory financial results which occurred in the 2022 US OPEN. We need sponsorship revenue to profitably run the US OPEN and make it bigger and better than 2022.

The exact dates will be forthcoming as soon as they are finalized. We hope to see you there! Any questions can be directed to USA Racquetball Director Mike Grisz at

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