November 15, 2021 Board Update

by USA Racquetball

Board of Directors Update -- Serving Up the News -- November 2021


The makeup of the USAR Board of Directors is diverse and robust, including four state association presidents, two pro tour commissioners, the NMRA president, several business owners, and three elite racquetball athletes. They bring a wide range of skills and knowledge gained from multiple areas of business, educational, and racquetball experience. 

Visit to view Board members’ photos and profiles. Just click on each photo to see the profile, and click on the name to send an email.

Please visit the USAR website at -- About/Bylaws, Article VII, to learn about Board of Directors Position Categories: At Large Elected, Board Appointed, Executive Appointed, and Athlete Representatives.


MEETING HIGHLIGHTS -- USAR Board of Directors -- October 25, 2021

Eleven Board members were in attendance via Zoom along with Executive Director Mike Wedel. 

Following are some points of interest:

After the Legislative Committee’s presentation and Board ratification at their 10/6/21 meeting in Minneapolis, Bylaws of the United States Racquetball Association dba USA Racquetball, Amended 10/6/21, are posted on the website -- About/Bylaws.

Executive Director Update (Mike Wedel)

Mike reported on a variety of topics. They included:

  • Staff Activities and Travel
  • Doubles Rankings
  • Planning for 2022 Events and Beyond
  • Budget for 2022
  • Membership Report
  • The Real Racquetball Show
  • Serving Up the News -- USAR Newsletter

Finance Update (Steve Czarnecki)

Financial performance through September, as well as the end of September cash on hand amount, remain in line with expectations and budget. Membership revenue, while significantly less than 2019 levels, has shown modest recovery in recent months.  The 2022 budgeting process continues with plans for budget approval prior to the end of the year.

Scholarship Committee (Dan Whitley)

Per the Scholarship Committee report, application information is posted on the website with the deadline to apply set for December 31, 2021. See the article under Quick Hits in this newsletter.

The balance of the meeting was held in closed session as the Board focused on high level topics that included:

  • Current Strategic Planning initiative (still on track for year-end 2021 completion) 
  • IRF World Junior Championships (U.S. Junior Team Participation)

Note: Subsequent to this meeting, an announcement of the Board’s decision not to send an official U.S. Junior Team to the IRF World Junior Championships was published on the USA Racquetball website ( and sent to USAR members via email blast on Friday, October 29th.

Next Meeting: November 29,  2021, via Zoom



We hope you are finding this newsletter feature informative, and we always welcome suggestions and/or questions to include in future updates. Please contact Stewart Solomon (VP) or Cheryl Kirk (Secretary).

If you have questions about the Staff’s activities, please contact Mike Wedel.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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