Future of RacquetballTeam Update Feb 2021

by USA Racquetball

Future of Racquetball Update -- Reaching Out

The Future of Racquetball (FOR) team* formed in July 2020. While the initial focus of this group was to pull together a clearinghouse of ideas to assist anyone trying to (1) save courts and maximize usage (i.e., programming), there is also perpetual value in (2) bringing USA Racquetball and the States closer together in our common mission to support racquetball players across the United States.

We wrote in January:

Court programming materials are on the website! If you haven’t already, please check out the Court Programming section on the USA Racquetball website (Programs/Future of Racquetball - link below) for information on how facilities can maximize the value of their racquetball courts through the use of a Court Programming Coordinator (CPC). The website includes a CPC Manual and a presentation suitable for initiating conversations with facility owners and directors as well as a financial model that can be customized to a specific facility or situation. Click here to learn more!

Now we bring:

You’ll notice that we didn’t call the CPC position “Racquetball Court Programming Coordinator.” There are a number of sports and activities that can be played/enjoyed on a 20x40 court, not only racquetball. It’s important to realize that when courts are hopping, with both fun and profit in mind (like bringing in new members; engaging families in fun activities; starting instructional programs and leagues; welcoming handball, paddleball, wallyball, and, by the way, racquetball players; and much more), it’s less likely that they will be taken out to make way for “more profitable” undertakings.

As we all struggle to get past the pandemic to a more normal existence (like actually being able to play the sport we love), USA Racquetball is partnering with the United States Handball Association (and hopefully other organizations going forward) to form a 20x40 Sports Alliance. We have engaged with “Club Insider”, a respected publication largely targeted to independent club owners, that will afford the opportunity for a monthly article that discusses leveraging court space in ways that don’t render them unplayable.

Look for more on this, and we need the assistance of state associations to help us put together a contact database for clubs with courts across the country. We want:

  1. To make everyone aware of materials and recommendations available for clubs.
  2. To make sure everyone sees the Club Insider articles and keeps support to clubs top of mind.
  3. To gain new ideas and perspectives from clubs, leaders, and players.

Soon, State Presidents will be receiving communication asking for help in gathering current information:

  • Club Names/Addresses/Phone #s
  • Owner/Manager names and contact info (especially email)
  • # of courts now/# courts five years ago

Important note: We will not be reaching out to clubs without including the state associations. Everyone will receive the same communication to promote collaboration between USAR, state association leadership, and clubs.

Idea: If your state association has available funds, purchasing USA Racquetball memberships for club general managers can promote goodwill and ensure everyone is seeing the same communication.

Truly, we’re a “four-legged stool” -- clubs, states associations, USAR, and all types of players who love Racquetball.

* Future of Racquetball Team Members

Mike Grisz, Virginia (

Larry Haemmerle, Colorado (

Cheryl Kirk, Illinois (

Laura Pesek, Indiana (

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