WorldWide Racquetball Day Sweeps the Planet

by Jonathan Greenberg, USA Racquetball

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September 9, 2023, marked the first annual WorldWide Racquetball Day!

Eight countries (and maybe more) participated in this inaugural event: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ireland, Japan, and the USA!

  • In the U.S. alone, over 25 events were hosted on September 9th.
  • In Bolivia, two events were held and Conrrado Moscoso, the #1 player in the world, participated.
  • In Louisiana, Al Schof reported that he had five new players, several of whom joined USA Racquetball to get ready for the next two sanctioned tournaments, and they also joined the racquetball club hosting the event.
  • Southern California had more than ten new tournament players, too. 

Here’s a link to the Map: World Wide Racquetball Day Locations - Google My Maps

If your city / club is not shown, alert us right away.

The goal of WorldWide Racquetball Day was to demonstrate that racquetball is an active sport with a strong community. Mission accomplished!

WWRD could not have been happened without the efforts of Karen Grisz, Cheryl Kirk, and Cindy Tilbury. Thank you to these three who helped make the celebration a reality. And thank you to Aimee Roehler for the social media buzz!

USA Racquetball staff and volunteers offer a huge “thank you” to the tournament directors and players who helped make WWRD a success.

2023 WorldWide Racquetball Day

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