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Review of 2023 / Plan for 2024 - How You Can Help on Giving Tuesday

by USA Racquetball

On this #GivingTuesday, please read this important update on the status of USA Racquetball from Executive Director Mike Grisz.

Review of 2023 / Plan for 2024

USA Racquetball has experienced a challenging 14 months. Below are some of the major issues that we faced and some achievements as well:

1. Financial Position – The organization was in a tenuous financial situation. We have managed our way out of that: past debts are paid off and there are no current liabilities. We have tight control over our expenses. With just one full-time employee whose salary is fully funded by a USOPC (United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee) grant, everyone else who supports the organization is a volunteer, many of whom, in addition to giving countless hours of their time, pay their own expenses when traveling to and running events. There are no conferences, professional development sessions, or other extraneous expenses in the USA Racquetball budget. To continue to be successful, we must ensure a continued revenue stream. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A major revenue stream for 501(c)(3) organizations is through philanthropic fundraising to further their goals. 

2. USA Racquetball hosted four national events in 2023, which resulted in marginal revenue. Currently there are four national events scheduled for 2024. The plan is to take what we learned running the 2023 events with the goal of event profitability in 2024.

3. Our U.S. Adult and Junior Teams competed internationally at three events in 2023. The 2024 slate of competition is forming, and there are significant travel-related expenses forecasted for the coming year. Fundraising and support for the Team USA Challenge will be critical.

4. USA Racquetball responsiveness: There are currently no backlogs on SafeSport training, background checks, R2 Sports issues, rebates, and other items of support for tournament directors and members. Jonathan, Karen, and I strive to resolve issues as fast as possible and provide strong customer service.

5. The Instructor Program and Referee tests have been updated and are up and running. We will reimburse the $25 fee for any new coach or any coach for juniors, high schools, or colleges who want to take the Instructor Program.

6. Worldwide Racquetball Day was a huge success and will repeat in 2024.

National events and national teams give our sport legitimacy and exposure. Many in the international racquetball community look to the United States as the heart of the sport. It is essential to maintain both of these programs in order for the sport to grow.

Below are the areas in which USA Racquetball plans to focus its resources in 2024. 

  • National Teams

U.S. Adult National Team

U.S. Junior National Team

  • Expanding Junior Reach

Assist state associations in establishing programs

Find and develop new Junior “hotspots”

  • High School/Collegiate

Assist in strengthening key state programs

Build “how to” resources for start-up collegiate/high school programs

Assist teams with travel to national events

  • Develop Junior and Adult Coaches

Accumulate resources for use by coaches

IP Test fee reimbursement for new coaches

  • Outdoor Racquetball

USA Racquetball will make monetary contributions to major outdoor events

Foster collaboration between the indoor and outdoor communities

  • Reaching the Recreational Player

Build racquetball video base on YouTube channel

Revive the Ambassador Program

Success in these areas will depend upon how much support USA Racquetball can garner through fundraising and sponsorships. If you have a passion for, or ideas toward, strengthening one of these areas, please get in touch with me.

USA Racquetball is largely volunteer based, populated with people who have a passionate commitment to racquetball. This organization is not perfect. There have been missteps over the years. The past cannot be changed or un-done. We can only take action today, together, to impact our future.

How You Can Help

There are many ways individuals and organizations can assist. Some of these can be found below, and we would be grateful to discuss any other ideas you may have. USA Racquetball is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is today, November 28, 2023. You can visit GIVE DIRECT to contribute to the campaign and support USA Racquetball. Any contribution you make will be deeply appreciated.

Membership Renewal

Whether or not you are a current USA Racquetball member, purchasing or renewing your membership (renewing your membership ( now will help the Association move into 2023 and beyond. Please consider your membership an investment in keeping our sport alive vs. simply a competitive license.

Direct a Sanctioned Event

By hosting a sanctioned event, you can help support USA Racquetball by encouraging members to join or renew their memberships.

Being Executive Director of USA Racquetball was not my planned retirement. But this sport has been so good to me, so much a part of my life, that I am honored to try to be a positive influence and give back. Everyone who works with us has the same passion and commitment.

Work with us. Racquetball is not in a position to endure in fighting. I’d much rather receive useful feedback on what our members think we can do better to grow the sport. If you see something you disagree with, I’m available anytime. The road ahead continues to be a challenging one, and the only way through it is together.

Thank you for your consideration at this crucial time in our history. We desire nothing more than to survive and bring racquetball to future generations.

Together, We Are Racquetball

Mike Grisz