Lifetime Achievement

The Racquetball Lifetime Award recognizes an individual who, over a career of many years has demonstrated exemplary achievement in areas of contribution to the sport of Racquetball. This passion can extend to various areas that include, service work, teaching, coaching, education, writing, development work, referring, tournaments directors and state directors among others.  


This award may include individuals that have been employed within the Racquetball industry or in a combination within the sport and/or volunteering. This achievement must be outstanding in nature and have had a profound effect on fellow racquetball players. These works can be on a local level, regional, national or a combination of all levels.  

These rare individuals, who have contributed and demonstrated for a minimum of 35 years, bring a special achievement to the sport of racquetball. We would like to honor these individuals with the Racquetball Lifetime Achievement award. The sport of racquetball is fortunate to have such outstanding people among our ranks.  

Nomination Criteria:

  • The nominee must have been involved with the sport of Racquetball for a minimum of 35 years.  
  • Hall of Fame members are not eligible to be nominated for this award.  
  • An individual who has received a Lifetime Achievement Award may be nominated for induction into the Hall of Fame.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award may only be presented to one individual each year. It is possible the award may not be presented each year, depending on the nominations.

Lifetime Achievement Winners

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