Greg Solis at Huntington Beach March 2021.  photo by Steve Fitzsimons

Mr. Solis is one of outdoor racquetball’s hardest hitting and most feared pro players; he is also one of the sport’s smartest, most respected and talented players. In fact, Greg has numerous achievement such as being the second player ever in outdoor history to win pro doubles with three partners (Brian Hawkes achieved this feat in his career five times). Based on Greg’s dominating 33 semi-finals placements including10 of which were national championship titles, he is clearly one of the most decorated pro doubles player (and outdoor players) ever in racquetball history.  The committee wrote, “Greg Solis is a rare combination of an exceptional pro athlete whose playing credentials alone would have secured him a spot into the hall, yet when you combine that drive (and drive serve) with his years of directing many major national tournaments plus his contributions and commitment to grow the sport of racquetball, Greg Solis is clearly in a league of his own.  Few great athletes have ever excelled like Greg has while simultaneously directing the WOR National Championships and the WOR Warm ups from 1998 to 2018.”

Greg won the Men’s Pro Doubles National Championships with three different partners (Andy Solis of whom Greg played with from 1995-2002; Craig “Clubber” Lane during the period of 2003-2013, and Kevin Booth winning in 2012. Greg is also the only player in history to win Pro Doubles for men to win three consecutive years from 2004-2006. Along the way, Greg Solis secured six pro men’s doubles outdoor national titles (1998, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and in 2012) and he was a finalist three other times. Additionally, he captured three pro mixed doubles titles (all with Janel Tisinger) at Huntington Beach (2012, 2014, and 2015) and he capped a final, doubles career win with his impressive, 10th major pro title capturing the pro CPRT National doubles, crown in 2017 with Pat Allen at Huntington Beach. Greg is also one of the few players to have ever earned a lifetime triple crown at this tournament (in pro doubles, pro mixed doubles and CPRT doubles). Greg’s impressive talents served him well indoors too where he won numerous pro open indoor titles and twice in 2005 and 2006, Greg Solis was named a Team USA, Pro National Indoor Alternative team member.

Greg has run the WOR Warm ups for three decades and also directed the WOR Nationals Championships from 1998-2004 in our quest to honor the major, national founders and tournament directors of WOR Championships events.  
Greg Lewerenz, WOR National Director quipped, “Greg is a no doubter.” 

Hank Marcus, WOR’s founder said, “Greg Solis has been a fixture on the WOR Southern California professional circuit for several decades as its skilled spokesman and often times a nearly unbeatable doubles player. His record speaks for itself and why it’s a special honor to have him join racquetball’s elite.”

Brett Elkins, chairman/co-founder of the WORHOF stated, "Originally, as an indoor player, I watched Greg Solis dominate the Los Angeles and Orange County indoor pro stops for several years and then later watched him dominate outdoor doubles and finally had the privilege of playing in his outdoor tournaments. I have never seen a player this talented who was also such a successful tournament director. Greg is one of the best sports I have seen, a dominating competitor, an ambassador to the sport and a top level tournament director “

Greg's induction is part of a WOR campaign during the next five years to help celebrate the sports founders; its major tournament directors; and to induct the legendary early stars from the 1960's-1980s. Public nominations always take precedent over the committee’s own nominations. We look forward to receiving your submissions (at any time) from the past stars from the 1960's-1980's by sending a completed resume of achievements to Nominations are typically voted on in the order received. Please be sure to include the dates, titles (or top 4 major finishes), the name of tournaments and other important documents using the enclosed resume as an example.

Most importantly, please take a moment to celebrate Greg's accomplishments by reviewing his resume.  The induction ceremony will take place "outdoor style" as we stop play at the "World Outdoor Championships" which takes place in Huntington Beach, CA July 12-15, 2018 (in the afternoon around 1 pm on Saturday, July 14).

The WORHOF committee is composed of WOR founder Hank Marcus and WOR National Director Greg Lewerenz; WORHOF chairman Brett Elkins and all past inductees who vote including these legends: Brian Hawkes, Martha and Greg McDonald, Bob Wetzel and Barry Wallace, Charlie Brumfield, Dr. Bud., Robert "Iceman" Sostre, Freddy Ramirez, Marty Hogan, Craig "Clubber" Lane, Scott Hirsch, Franklin "Bud" Held, Lynn Adams Clay, Dan Southern and 2018 co-honoree Vic Leibofsky. 

Here is a biography and resume of Greg’s incredible achievements (click here for Greg’s Top 10 Achievements and his resume or “Playing Record”):

Greg Solis Top 10 Achievements (WORHOF Class of 2018)

(Born September 5, 1975 in Santa Ana, CA. Nominated by Craig “Clubber” Lane and Martha McDonald).

1.       Greg Solis is the only player in outdoor racquetball history to win the pro doubles championship three years in a row at WOR Championships Huntington Beach in 2004, 2005 and 2006.
2.       Greg Solis is the second person in history to win WOR National Pro Doubles with three different partners including, Andy Solis, Craig “Clubber” Lane and Kevin Booth (Brian Hawkes has the record at five times).
3.       Greg Solis is the six-time Men’s Pro World Outdoor Racquetball National Doubles Champion; four time Mixed Pro Doubles Champion; and three time men’s Pro World Outdoor Singles Finalist.  Craig Clubber Lane and Greg Solis won World Outdoor Pro Doubles Huntington Beach in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Greg also won in 2012 with Kevin booth here at Huntington Beach Nationals.
4.       Greg Solis has won the Pro Mixed National Mixed Outdoor Championships at Huntington Beach with Janel Tisinger in 2011, 2012 and 2015.
5.       Greg Solis served as the WOR Championship tournament director for six consecutive years 1998-2004.
6.       Greg Solis has served as the director of the prestigious and nationally attended, WOR National Warm-Up Tournament from 1998-2018 and as the “ironman director” in our sport (1998-2018).
7.       Greg Solis was featured in a LA Times article…joining a small list including WORHOF legendary members Brian Hawkes, Lynn Adams Clay Martha McDonalds and Dan Southern and WOR  Jr. Champion Dane Elkins.
8.       Greg Solis is the 2017 CPRT (Classic Pro Racquetball Tour) National World Outdoor Doubles Champion and won with Pat Allen (2017).
9.       Greg Solis is also an accomplished indoor player (when it was rainy outside). Greg was an alternate USA Pro National USAR Team member in 2005 and 2006. He has numerous open tournaments, many national indoor age titles and was third place in national doubles (indoors) in 2005 and 2006.
10.    Greg Solis has championship titles over such outdoor legends including WOR Hall of Famers Brian Hawkes, Marty Hogan, Robert Sostre and Clubber Lane along with legends Cliff Swain and Rocky Carson and Rhonda Rhajsich and Aimee Ruiz.

Greg Solis WORHOF Playing Record (at WOR 3-Wall Championships):

(23 Year of Competing:  33 Semi-Finals Finishes Overall. These finishes are broken down as follows: 10 Major National Champion, 6 National Finals and 17 National Semi-Finals and three decades of winning major national professional competition).

1995       Pro Doubles       2nd Place w/Andy Solis lost to Tim Ring/Kevin Booth.
1996       Pro Doubles       Semi-Finals w/Andy Solis.
1997       Pro Doubles       Semi-Finals w/Andy Solis; Pro Singles Semi-Finals.
1998       Pro Doubles       1st Place w/Andy Solis beat Ring/Booth; Pro Singles Semi-Finals.
1999       Pro Doubles       1st Place w/Andy Solis beat Hawkes/Lane; Pro Singles Finals- lost to Hawkes
2000       Pro Singles        Semi-Finals.
2001       Pro Doubles       2nd Place w/Andy Solis lost to Beltran/Medina; Pro Singles 2nd Place to Hawkes.
2002       Pro Doubles       Semi-Finals; Pro Singles Semi-Finals.
2003       Pro Singles        Semi-Finals.
2004       Pro Doubles       1st Place w/Craig Lane beat Freeze/Martin; Pro Singles Semi-Finals.
2005       Pro Doubles       1st Place w/Craig Lane beat Cliff Swain/Marty Hogan.
2006       Pro Doubles       1st Place w/Craig Lane beat Rocky Carson/Rob Hoff.
2007       Pro Doubles       2nd Place w/Craig Lane lost to Rocky Carson/Rob Hoff; Pro Singles Semi-Finals.
2008       Pro Singles        Semi-Finals.
2009         ----------             First year he did not medal in his 23 year career.
2010       Pro Doubles       Semi-Finals w/Craig Lane; Pro Singles Semi-Finals.
2011       Pro Singles         Semi-Finals.
2012       Pro Doubles       1st Place w/Kevin Booth beat Carson/Hoff; Pro Singles Semi-Finals;
                                                1st Place Pro Mixed Doubles w/Janel Tisinger beat Ben Croft/Rhonda Rajsich
2013       Pro Mixed           Semi-Finals w/Janel Tisinger.
2014       Pro Mixed           1st Place w/Janel Tisinger beat Aimee Ruiz/Jose Rojas.
2015       Pro Mixed           1st Place w/Janel Tisinger beat Rick Koll/Rhonda Rajsich.
2016       Pro Mixed           Semi-Finals w/Janel Tisinger.
2017       Pro Doubles       Semi-Finals w/Scott Davis; Pro Mixed Doubles 2nd Place w/Janel Tisinger lost to Daniel De La Rosa/Michelle De La Rosa; 
                                            1st Place w/Pat Allen beat Ravi Sohoni/Robert Sostre (CPRT Pro Doubles)


"The WORHOF is distinguished by its cast of inductees who represent outdoor racquetball while serving as its premier players, founders, contributors or industry partners. It is the rare player who excels at playing every professional division within one national tourney, year after year, while possessing the equilibrium to also organize and run the competition. Greg Solis is that one player who not only had the resilience, but possessed a singular dedication that has spanned multiple generations of players." (Martha McDonald on why she nominated Greg).
"While Greg's playing record stands among the greatest accomplishments in the game, it was his emergence in his early twenties as an outdoor national tournament director who sustained the annual Orange County event in challenging times- that enabled the continuity of the sport until WOR was established. The playing resumes of many WORHOF members would be much thinner, if Greg had not stepped forward as an outstanding tournament director who attracted the best athletes in the world to compete and also the sponsors to support our great game of outdoor racquetball." (Hall of Famer, Martha McDonald).
“The on-court accomplishments of Greg Solis clearly make him a Hall of Fame player!  He has been playing at the pinnacle of the sport for many years, with multiple titles as is well-documented in his resume. In addition to a Hall of Fame career as a player, many people don’t realize his unique contribution as a national director, especially during the early years of the WOR organization." (Vic Leibofsky, Hall of Fame Director, National Beach Bash).

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