Michelle GouldMichelle Gould | Boise, Idaho
(Professional Athlete, Inducted 2012)

Michelle is one of the best female racquetball players of all time.  She won the WPRA and WIRT National Pro Singles Championships seven times in eight years from 1990 to 1997 and also captured the AARA US High School Nationals title in 1989. Michelle has earned 39 US National titles, 58 International titles, and 55 Professional titles.  She was named the USRA Female Athlete of the Year nine times.

Steve Serot Image
Steve Serot | St. Louis, Missouri 
(Professional Athlete, Inducted 2012)

Steve was known as one of the best "divers" in the sport of racquetball.  He beat some of the finest athletes in the game including Marty Hogan, Bill Schmidtke, Steve Keeley, Jerry Hilecher, and Charlie Brumfield...to mention just a few.  Steve was noted for his hustle and awesome backhand.  He could consistently kill the ball during a flat-out dive and make it look normal. Winner of first professional event in 1973 and never lost a doubles match with partner Charlie Brumfield.  Went 50 straight events finishing in the top 4.
Art Shay ImageArt Shay | Deerfield, Illinois (deceased: 3-31-1922 to 4-28-2018)
(Contributor, Inducted 2012)

Art (literally) changed the way we all viewed the sport.  Through his expertise, we were able to eliminate the darkness, the green tinge, the graininess, the reflections, and the nothing-but-backsides photographs that filled early racquetball publications. Racquetball benefited enormously from Art's contributions as a photographer, photojournalist, author, and proponent of the sport.