>Ed Andrews Image
Ed Andrews | San Diego, California
(Amateur Athlete, Inducted 2009)

As a player, Ed Andrews was a Phenomenon!  His most amazing achievement, and the one for which he is most proud, is his 4 AARA National Singles Championships (1980, 1981, 1985 & 1986). Astoundingly,  Ed played in the National Singles Championships exactly 4 times; he won the event exactly 4 times; and he won EVERY single game during those 4 tournaments.  That awesome record is one that still stands today.

Ed began playing Racquetball in 1977 with the support of his Mom (Thanks Mom - I love you with all my heart!!!)  After his 1st tournament at Dr. Bud's Club in El Cajon, CA in August of 1977, where he won the Beginner's Novice Division, he was completely hooked on Racquetball.  Dr. Bud began coaching Ed, taking a "diamond in the rough" and polishing him into a National Champion in just three short years.  According to most opponents, during his heyday Ed was an "animal" on the court.  It seemed virtually impossible to pass him on either his forehand or backhand side.  His splat shots were legendary.

According to Racquetball Hall of Famer Charlie Brumfield, ""more impressive than Ed's record on the court was his positive influence on other players.  Alvaro Beltran grew up watching Ed play.  He later became a Professional following in Ed's footsteps.  Ed ran a lot of Junior Clinics in the 1980's that groomed and produced some great young players.  Ed was one of the greatest players of his time.  His legacy continues to have a positive influence on the game today."
>Jackie Paraiso Image
Jacqueline Paraiso | San Diego, California
(Amateur Athlete, Inducted 2009)

Jacqueline's esteemed record on the Pro Circuit closely mimicked her prowess as a DOUBLES LEGEND.  Her acclaimed Titles include 3 Overall Pro Tour Championships, 2 US Open Titles, 18 First Place finishes, and 23 Final appearances.  Even more impressive were her accomplishments in Doubles that boast a treasure chest of Gold Medals that includes 16 National Doubles Titles, 5 Olympic Festival Gold, and 3 Pan American Games Gold - over 75 Gold Medals in all!  The highlights of Jacqueline's International career are the Gold Medals she won with here twin sister, Joy MacKenzie, at the 1995 and 1999 Pan American Games.

Jacqueline is one of the top qualifiers for a position on the US Team in the history of the sport and has made many appearances for Team USA. In 24 appearances over 20 years she won 1 Silver and 23 Gold Medals!  Paraiso and MacKenzie played together 7 times for Team USA, winning Gold each time.

Jacqueline has also given back to the sport by serving as President of the Women's Pro Tour, as a Player's Representative on the USRA Board of Directors, as Tournament Director for numerous tournaments in the San Diego area, as an Instructor at Inner City events, and as Team Leader at several International Competitions.
>Mike Ray Image
Mike Ray | Hilton Head, South Carolina
(Professional Athlete, Inducted 2009)

Mike Ray, the cool and calm left hander with a deadly forehand, was a big man who could move a deadly combination.  A true workhorse on Tour in the years of 1985 through 1999, Mike missed just a single Tour Stop.  Throughout his long career Mike won many tournaments, but in 1991 he finished the year as the #1 Player in the World.  In that same year (1991) Mike was awarded by his fellow competitors the prestigious award as "Sportsman of the Year" a designation of the individual who exhibits fair play and demonstrates integrity on the court no matter the consequence.  According to Hall of Famer Andy Roberts, "Mike Ray was one of those unique players who possessed all the skills and had no weakness.  In order to beat Mike you had to play great."

Mike Ray was also a member of arguable the Greatest Doubles Team in racquetball history.  According to his partner, Hall of Famer Ruben Gonzalez, "Mike was the key to our success.  He [was] so steady with an awesome forehand...his big body truly intimidating in the middle [of the court].  I consider it an honor and a pleasure to be a partner and friend of Mike Ray."

From 1989 to 1992 Mike Ray was a dominant force in Racquetball, excelling both on and off the court.  Retiring in 1999, Mike left Professional Racquetball well positioned for those to follow through his leadership on the Board of Directors and through helping to secure the largest monetary sponsor in the sport of Racquetball, VCI.
>Myron Roderick
Myron Roderick | Stillwater, Oklahoma (deceased:  9-15-1934 to 12-28-2011)
(Contributor, Inducted 2009)

Many GREATS in our sport consider Myron Roderick as one of the "Founding Stalwarts of Racquetball."  Myron was an accomplished Racquetball player in the 1970's, garnering 7 National Open Titles: however, he is best remembered for his many contributions to the sport of Racquetball during the International Racquetball Association's formative years.  After serving on the Board of Directors for over 6 years, Myron bravely stepped up to the plate BIG TIME during the early to mid 1970's when Racquetball had NO monies, funding, or direction.  

Myron's experience, hard-work ethic, and ability to get along with all kinds of people allowed him to almost single-handedly take over the reins as Executive Director and put the Association back on it's feet financially and to get it headed in a positive direction.  Myron conducted the Association's business out of his hometown of Stillwater, OK, where he also devotedly oversaw the monthly publication of the Association's Magazine.

During the 1970's, Myron formed a company called Sports Unlimited that primarily built racquetball courts, including the one for Elvis Presley at Graceland in Memphis, TN.

Myron is also a member of the USA Wrestling Hall of fame.  He was a National Wrestling Champion numerous times and later served as its Executive Director for a number of years.  Myron was an athlete, innovator, task master, and most of all a friend to everyone whose path he crossed.  Racquetball was so fortunate that he crossed theirs.