Andy Roberts
Andy Roberts | Memphis, Tennessee 
(Professional Athlete, Inducted 2002)
One of the most dominant pro players of the 90's, Andy Roberts finished six seasons with a top five ranking — twice finishing in the No.2 spot (1993, 1995). With over 15 tour wins to his credit, Roberts finished with a top-10 season ranking on the tour as recently as 1999. After graduating from Memphis State University (with several titles) Roberts captured a National Doubles title in 1985, a National Singles title in 1988 and a U.S. Olympic Festival singles win in 1991. He recaptured the National Doubles crown 15 years later in 2000. Selected as the USRA Athlete of the Year twice (1988, 1990), Roberts was also appointed to the U.S. National team for eight consecutive terms (1985-1991), where he added Tournament of the Americas, and World Championship titles to an impressive resume.