Caryn McKinney
Caryn McKinney | Atlanta, Georgia 
(Professional Athlete, Inducted 2001)

Well known for her court-sense, Caryn McKinney dominated the Women’s Pro Racquetball Association [WPRA] Tour throughout the 80’s and into the 90’s, where she consistently placed in the top five. During her professional career she reached the semifinals in nearly 50 pro events, winning eight. Her career peaked in 1989 when she captured the WPRA National Championship, the top spot in the rankings and was named the tour’s Player of the Year. As late as the 1998 U.S. OPEN, McKinney remained competitive on the women’s pro tour, reaching the semi-final there against an tough field of up-and-coming current tour regulars. Well respected as an instructor and coach, she taught at the Elite Olympic Training Camp for eleven years, longer than any other instructor.