Mary Low AcuffMary Low Acuff | Asheville, North Carolina (deceased: 7-9-1919 to 2-4-2005)

(Amateur Athlete, Inducted 1996)

Hall of Fame athlete Mary Low Acuff dominated the "upper echelons" of age group competition among women beginning in 1984, with career wins that include forty-five national titles, nine silver medals and a scant two bronze medal finishes. In 1994 alone, Mary Low took five national titles and a world championships victory, then followed up in 1995 with a record of nine national wins and another world title to her credit. The mother of eight was a long time supporter of the USRA and is a legend in racquetball, who continued to compete in every tournament available to her. In 1999, Mary Low was joined by her husband Earl in the Hall of Fame -- the two are the only husband-and-wife pair to share this honor.

Keith CalkinsKeith Calkins | Mission Viejo, California

(Contributor, Inducted 1996)

Keith Calkins boasts a career of service to racquetball, from developing one of the first junior camps in California, to a long-running term as a member, and often-elected officer, of the organization's board of directors. In addition to his terms as both treasurer and president of the board, Keith served international racquetball interests with elected appointments to the Pan American Racquetball Federation and the International Racquetball Federation. But Keith is best known for his professional guidance of the AARA (now USRA) during its most turbulent time, and for the type of subsequent leadership which has enabled the association to take its place among the most well-regarded national governing bodies in the U.S. Olympic Committee structure.

Johnny HennenJohnny Hennen | Chattanooga, Tennessee (deceased: 2-3-1947 to 3-17-2016)

(Amateur Athlete, Inducted 1996)

Johnny Hennen is probably one of the best liked and respected athletes to ever play the game. On court Johnny is legendary for a lack of defense, and a non-stop, aggressive style. Hennen is probably best known for his doubles prowess, where he earned six national doubles titles, five of them paired with fellow Hall of Famer Ed Remen. Johnny matched this record with six national singles titles, becoming one of a rare group of athletes to earn dual titles in any given year — doing so four times, in 1983, 1988, 1992 and 1993. After a difficult recovery from a life-threatening illness, Hennen and Remen paired up again in 1998 to win yet another national doubles crown -- exactly ten years after winning their first as a team.

Gary MazaroffGary Mazaroff | Albuquerque, New Mexico

(Contributor, Inducted 1996)

Gary Mazaroff began an un-interrupted presidential term with the New Mexico Racquetball Association in 1974, bringing that organization to the forefront of the AARA's state affiliate structure. Through AmPro and AmPro instructional programs, Gary has certified hundreds of players and instructors, while himself serving as a teaching pro and instructor since the late 70s. Gary also served as an assistant coach for two world championship U.S. national teams, then took that expertise "on the road" by coaching national teams from other countries.

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