Gene GrapesGene Grapes | Irwin, Pennsylvania (deceased: 8-11-1922 to 9-13-2012)

(Amateur Athlete/Contributor, Inducted 1982)

Gene was an early supporter of the new sport of racquetball. Prior to the formation of the IRA, he helped organize and played primarily in the Pennsylvania State YMCA sponsored tournaments. He was elected to the board of directors of the IRA in 1975 and served as executive vice president during his tenure on the board. He held five national doubles and national singles titles, in addition to national singles and doubles invitational titles. Gene overwhelmingly dominated his age group for nearly 10 years.

I.R. GumerI.R. Gumer | Louisville, Kentucky (deceased: 9-7-1913 to 8-15-1992) 
(Amateur Athlete, Inducted 1982)

Ike started playing racquetball in 1962 at the Jewish Community Center in Louisville. He still plays occasionally and as recently as 1982 Ike was still practicing law in a semi-retired fashion and it was said that you could check your watch by his arrival at the center at 4:30 p.m. every day. Ike was instrumental in establishing the Kentucky Racquetball Association and served as a board member of the IRA. His lifelong doubles partner, Irv Zeitman, also of Louisville, passed away in 1992. Ike was known for his gentlemanly conduct and good sportsmanship and was one of the forerunners of the two wall pinch shot.

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