Hot Tamales Stratton Woods

by Maddie Melendez

“Hot Tamales” Shootout, Stratton Woods Park, Herndon VA. 

by Maddie Melendez

Tournament Directors extraordinaire Thao and Maddie

Tourney directors extraordinaire Thao Le and Maddie Melendez

Another successful event in the books for DMV racquetball at Stratton Woods. We finished the Hot Tamales Shootout without a single drop of rain. If you know our DMV weather, that's a huge blessing. We appreciate and thank those racquetballers who accommodated our request to play Friday.
Great competition throughout Saturday. Lunch was a great hit with Super Chicken with all the fixings, with plenty left overs for players to pack "doggie bags". Panera on the menu for dinner and more “doggie bags” were packed. Guatemalan Tamales were given out to players to take home. Food was definitely not something we are short of at our tournaments. Lots of good stuff was available for the free raffle and Hallie Rallas drew the lucky #7…and took home a nice Gearbox travel bag.
To our players, your participation means a lot. To our sponsors and supporters, we could not have done it without your help. Thanks to Bill Milbach for fixing our racquets. We appreciate those who stepped up and helped ref when necessary (esp Ashok & Marlon) and those who stuck around at the end to help clean up. Every one of you contributed to our event in more ways than one. Again, shoutout to the following sponsors/supporters:
AGE Solutions, LLC.
Camp Alleghany for Girls
The Margo D. Scott Group/KW Metro Alexandria
OneWallBall (Ruben Pagan)
Game On (Wayne Storch)
Splathead (Joe Hall)
DB Make Everyday a Great Day
Nurse Sharon McNeil
David Kitchen
Kevin Martin
Suede Harris
And anonymous (you know who you are! 😉)
Here are the results:
3-Wall - 1st and 2nd
Men's Open - Dylan Pruitt / Wayne Storch | Sergio Rivera / Osman Lazarte
Men's Elite - Ashok Aleti / Ruben Gutierrez | Vincent Pan / Jeff Krynitsky
Men's A - Bill Bouie / Mike Hatcher | Ivan Navia / Lynette Revollo
Men's 100+ - Suresh Vemulapalli / Suede Harris | Frank McCabe / Mike Grisz
Mixed Open - Sergio Riviera / Thao Le | Osman Lazarte / Veronica Nogales
Mixed Elite - Chris Ruano / Thao Le | Ivan Navia / Lynette Revollo
1-Wall - 1st and 2nd
Men's Open - Dylan Pruitt / Wayne Storch | Ruben Pagan / Marlon Kocher
Men's Elite - Claude Elton / Ashok Aleti | Jonathan Jones / Leland Rupp
Men's 75 - Ruben Pagan / Aimee Roehler | Jeremiah Smith / Ariel Garcia
Mixed Open - Ruben Pagan / Aimee Roehler | Wayne Storch / Delia Silva
Mixed Elite – Mike & Karen Grisz | Jamie Sparks / Andrea Cuellar
Women's Open - Veronica Nogales / Paola Nunez | Delia Silva / Aimee Roehler
Paddleball - 1st and 2nd
Andy Gomer / Pam Stokely | Thao Le / Vic Cortes
Until next time. We will announce our next event soon.

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