WOR Court List Update

by Todd Boss

WOR Master Court List Update!
Hello Outdoor fans! I wanted to pass along some big updates that the WOR team has been doing on the Master WOR Outdoor Court list.
First, Long-time WOR master court maintainer Bill George has recently done a major review and update of the list. The updated WOR XLS Listing has been uploaded to .
It has been downsized considerably; some 330 less sites and about 1100 less courts have been reviewed and removed due to being removed.
Updates Made
• The majority of the sites removed were in Florida. However, plenty elsewhere. Note: I initialized this listing years ago from a Florida listing passed on to me. This list contained many without info and many no longer with courts. I removed all where I could not locate courts.
• About 80% of the "site view" links were with Bing maps. I changed every stinkin' one of them to a Google maps link.
• While doing bullet #2 I found quite a few sites no longer had courts. Most of those removed I could see where the courts were and replaced by: pickleball, skate parks, kid parks, just leveled and/or complete renovation of parks.
• About 20 parks had name changes (these did not account for removal of sites).
I believe there are still courts that exist not on the list and some on the list I missed removing that no longer exist, especially in New York where we know there's 1000s of one-wall courts.
Request of Outdoor players Everywhere:
• check the list for the courts you are aware of to see if they are listed.
• check that are listed in their area to verify they still exist
If you find a court that is not listed, we have created a new Court Reporting form to directly email Bill. That form is on the above master WOR court list, or is at this link:
Lastly, the court list has been uploaded to a Google Map for your perusal. That link is at the USAR site above, or is directly available here:
Thanks! Any questions/comments please reach out.

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