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3rd Annual Racquetsport Triathalon

by Greg Lewerenz, edited by Todd Boss

3rd Annual Racquetsport Triathalon Tournament of Champions Recap

7/10/21, Southfield Civic Center, Southfield, MI.  

MI Triathalon of Racquet Sports champions on the day.  Photo courtesy of Greg Lewerenz

Sport Champions as follows:



  • 1st Brad Schopieray
  • 2nd Nathan Tucker
  • 3rd Greg Lewerenz
  • 4th Luis Romero


It was an incredible day of competition at the beautiful Southfield Civic Center. The weather was perfect for outdoor sports! 78 and sunny all day. The day started out with squash singles, as this is the most physically demanding of the sports, and had the fewest participants, it made the most sense to play first. As the day started early, competitors also had to play racquetball, and go back and forth between the two sports as the pools played out. By about noon the squash pools were done and the racquetball pools were winding down. Luis and Brad had bested each of their squash pools and played their way into the singles squash final with Brad outlasting Luis in the closest imaginable match - 8,11 11,9 12,10. Really gutsy play by both, and both received resounding applause for their competitive spirit. Great job guys!

As the squash was over, the paddleball started, and the racquetball was still going, and the players were all staring to feel the grind of the 3 sports. Calling the players back to the courts for the next match, and the next match became like ordering them to the gallows... and each player responded accordingly. "Oh no... seriously... there's more.."  Brad Schopieray had the best quote of the day after walking off the squash final court only to be told time for Paddles on court 3. Brad looked up, sweat pouring off his face, cheeks red, barely catching his breath, and said, "This has to be the dumbest idea ever!", referring to either the idea of a three sport one day outdoor tournament, or him signing up and playing in this tournament, or perhaps both? Either way everyone in ear shot understood, and laughed heartily and agreed. This tournament is indeed truly an endeavor for the lionhearted. Definitely not for the meek.

The play continued with athletes alternating between racquetball and paddleball, as the day wore on, and the grind continued. The athletes were visibly exhausted and dropping out of paddleball one by one as the racquetball pools finished up. In the upper racquetball final it was Nathan, Greg, Brad, and Luis, and Brad won by one point over Nathan with Greg and Luis taking 3rd and 4th. I would like to say the play was high level, but at this point, expectedly, it was not. It was survival and not much more.

Congratulations to Brad for winning the second of three sports! That is quite an accomplishment. Only Ian Brooks has ever completed the same feat of RB and Squash Champion.

Now comes the paddleball final and Brad and Greg both earned their spot in the final, but both opted to drop out, and Brad had another great one liner when asked if he would play paddleball. Brad responded, "I have past the limit of my expectations for my body... Naw... I'm good." And that pretty much sums up the day for those who played in all 3 sports. Two from the other side of the paddleball final also dropped out, leaving the upper final remaining Iron Man group of Kelvin, Nathan, Brandon, Dave Ninja Schwartz. These four warriors battled it out until the end with Dave Schwartz taking the top spot as the positions came down to the final game because these four amazing athletes never gave up. Awesome job guys!

Congratulations to all the participants who tested their mettle in this truly one of a kind marathon battle royal of racquet sports.

Big thanks to Ross, Nathan, and Hunter Daryl for helping out throughout the day and staying to the end. Time to put a bow on this one... and hope to see everyone next year... if you're tough enough!

Greg Lewerenz, Tourney Director


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