RayBro Memorial Shootout Results

by Todd Boss

Raybro Memorial Doubles Shootout Results

Sat April 17th 2021 at Tracy MacDonald Park, Tracy CA

Figure 1: Group shot of the Raybro participants.  Photo courtesy of Frank Biehl

19 teams comprising more than 30 outdoor doubles players turned out Saturday 4/17/21 for the 1st annual Raybro Memorial outdoor shootout, at the Tracy MacDonald Park in Tracy, CA.  The shootout was held in honor of Raymond “Raybro” Sevier, a longtime Northern California racquetball enthusiast who passed away last October.

The format was single-elimination draws from hat-drawn teams, one morning group and one afternoon group.  Here’s how the draws turned out:

The morning group semi’s featured Sal Alejandre/Tommy Z topping Fonz/Jon on the top side and Hien Doan/Donny Piwowarski taking out Ivan Velazquez/Howard.  In the Finals Hien/Donny taking the win during a tough match against Sal/Tommy.

The afternoon group semis were Rick Lewallen/Donny Piwowarski topping Ivan/Fonz from the top side and Sal Alejandre/Eleazar “Elias” Robles topping Will/Jesse from the bottom half.  In the Finals Rick/Donny took the win over Sal/Elias in a crazy 15-14 game!

Thanks to Frank Biehl and the entire crew for helping during this one-day event.  It was a great day sharing stories about Raybro and great vibe throughout the day as Ray would have wanted it to be.  Thank you all again for making this a memorable day!

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