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The 2022 USA Racquetball National Singles and Doubles Championships are scheduled to be held in College Station, Texas, from May 25th - 29th. I hope you are planning to attend and compete in several divisions. It’s not too late to register now at:


Before you leave for Texas, be sure all your equipment is in tournament-ready condition! Have you checked your string and bumper guards/grommets for wear? Do you need to replace bumper guards in a few racquets and restring them? What about your grips? Do some of your grips need to be replaced? Most seasoned tournament players like to have 3-5 fully “tuned up” rackets in their bag when they hit the road for a big event like the Nationals.


It is also wise to bring some loose sets of string and a few grips (your personal favorites) with you when you leave home, just in case an unexpected situation arises during the course of your tournament play. While most major events will have a stringer/racquet technician on site, the chances they offer your specific string model and grip type is generally about 50/50. As my mother used to tell me, “One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”


And remember, this is tournament play, likely both singles and doubles. The adrenalin will be pumping. You’ll be hitting the ball harder. The rallies will be lasting longer. This means more sweating and more wear and tear on your equipment and your body. Be prepared to go to your limit in every game and on every rally. Don’t let your equipment become an issue; be prepared, and let your physical and mental toughness lead the way to tournament success!


Good luck on the courts in the great state of TEXAS!

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