3WallBall Outdoor World Championships Tournament and Amenities Review

by Todd Boss

3WB World Championships Event Logo

Are you thinking about coming to Las Vegas for the 2022 3WallBall Outdoor tournament? Well, if so, here’s some of the things you can look forward to:

  • The Biggest and Best Outdoor Racquetball Tournament All Year. 3WallBall is now the second largest racquetball tournament in the world by participation (trailing just the US OPEN). Hundreds of participants from all over the country descend on Las Vegas for this event.
  • The Most Unique Racquetball Venue in the World: Every year, the 3WallBall team builds one of the largest racquetball clubs in the world … on a parking lot on the Vegas Strip. There were 15 courts at the 2021 event, and we might be even bigger this year! There’s nothing quite like being able to walk around in the sun and watch the sport you love.
  • Playing and Watching Racquetball Under the Lights: 3WallBall is a tailgate atmosphere that continues into the night, where we play under the lights in the shadow of the purple-lit STRAT tower. It is an amazing experience. There are tents all around the property where old friends gather to socialize and rekindle long-held relationships.
  • Four Disciplines of Sport Offered: This year we’re offering Racquetball (of course -- both one wall and three wall), but we also host a huge Handball division, Paddleball divisions, and new for 2022 is Squash 57. The experts in one discipline frequently play in another, and the camaraderie of the various sports communities coming together is fantastic.
  • Squash 57. Thousands of prize dollars are available for competitors in the demonstration division of Squash 57, a sport that combines the rules of Squash with the ball and racquet of Racquetball. Give it a try!
  • The 2022 Outdoor Cup Series will be Determined: The year-long Outdoor Cup Series finishes in Vegas, with thousands of dollars up for grabs for the pro players. Watch as they compete for both this title and for the overall event titles.
  • Come Watch the Top Pros, Indoor and Outdoor! One thing is for certain; some of the best players are in Vegas every year, Indoor and Outdoor. Eight of the current Top 10 IRT pros have played in the Vegas event in the last couple of seasons, and half the Top 10 LPRT pros are regulars on the Outdoor circuit. Combine that star power with the Outdoor specialists who can give Indoor pros a run for their money on their home courts, and you get some great Racquetball action.
  • MRF Pro-Am Doubles on Wednesday night. Come in a day early, get some practice on the courts, and then play in the Military Racquetball Federation’s Pro-Am Charity Doubles Pro-Am. You’ll support the MRF’s mission; you’ll be supporting a good cause; and you’ll get a chance to play with a top Outdoor Pro!
  • Outdoor Racquetball Clinics! There are two outdoor clinics scheduled for Wednesday with some of the best Outdoor players in the game today. Wednesday afternoon features the De La Rosa team, followed by a Wednesday evening clinic featuring Manilla Athletics.

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