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FOR Team Update July 2021

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There are a number of sports and activities that can be played/enjoyed on a 20x40 court in addition to racquetball. It’s important to realize that when courts are hopping, with both fun and profit in mind (like bringing in new members; engaging families in fun activities; starting instructional programs and leagues; welcoming handball, paddleball, wallyball, and, by the way, racquetball players; and much more), it’s less likely that they will be taken out to make way for what is perceived to be a “more profitable” undertaking.



The fifth of six articles with the overall theme of “Saving Courts Profitably” was published in Club Insider* on July 1. Entitled Thinking Outside AND Inside of the (20x40) Box, the article features an entire “menu” club owners and managers can choose from to take court programming to new places.


Article #5  Thinking Outside AND Inside of the (20x40) Box

Article #4  Keeping Courts Busy for Fun and Fitness

Article #3  Gratitude...Belonging...Inspiration -- Our “Third Place

Article #2  Using Courts and Court Sports Programming as a Competitive Advantage

Article #1  Greetings to Clubs and Fitness Facilities from “The Court People”


Court Programming materials are on the USAR website. If you haven’t already, please check out the Court Programming section on the USA Racquetball website (Programs/Future of Racquetball - link below) for information on how facilities can maximize the value of their racquetball courts through the use of Court Programming Coordinators (CPCs). The website includes a CPC Manual and a presentation suitable for initiating conversations with facility owners and directors. It also provides a financial model that can be customized to a specific facility or situation. Click here to learn more!


Call to Action


Here’s what you––state associations/members/players––can do to help.


·Read the articles (we hope you like them)!


·Print the articles and take them (or forward them electronically) to the club owners/managers in your states.


·Schedule a face-to-face appointment and ensure they know about the Court Programming materials available on the USAR website (linked HERE). Show them the articles and let them know we care about saving courts profitably. We would love to hear their feedback on the materials and the concept.


Do you or someone you know have the skills and experience to be a Court Programming Coordinator for your local club? Or maybe it could be a team effort from your state association and key “movers and shakers”?


This is the basis of everything in our sport, indeed our history and our legacy: individuals who have gone above and beyond with the desire to help see to it that our sport is gifted to the next generation and to the next beyond that.




Don’t be a stranger! We are looking for Club Insider article content in the coming months, and your programming success stories could make all the difference! Please write to any one of us (below) -- we would love to hear from you.


Take care, everyone!


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