Update to R2 Sports – Adding Non-players To Your Tournaments

by Jonathan Greenberg

USA Racquetball’s top priority at tournaments is safety for our athletes and support for our tournament directors. To that end, we have added a section to our tournament software, R2 Sports, so you can add volunteers, coaches, referees and any other non-players to your events.

This will help tournament directors keep track of people in their events who are required to have SafeSport training as well as ensure that all relevant people receive important emails sent out to event participants through R2 Sports.

Below is a screen shot of the tournament registration screen where you can add people who are not playing in the tournament but are a part of it.  Complete their “registration” for no cost just as you would add a participant.

R2Sports New Feature
USA Racquetball

We hope you find this feature useful, and appreciate your support in keeping the racquetball community safe. If you have any questions, reach out to