USA Racquetball 2024 Memberships – Renew Your Membership Today | Invite a Friend to Join

by Cindy Tilbury & Terry Rogers

Do you have a current USA Racquetball membership? If so, thank you, and we hope you enjoy playing in sanctioned events both at the local and national level. If you have let your USA Racquetball membership lapse, we are asking for your renewal, both for your benefit and as an investment in our sport. Here's why we need the help of racquetball players, both by being USA Racquetball members, and beyond your membership.

What's the value of being a member? For the individual member, it's competition in sanctioned events, having a national and state ranking, secondary accident insurance, programs like rental cars, airline discounts, PinchPerks, communication about USA Racquetball and upcoming events, and staying connected with your Racquetball family.

But it goes beyond "what's in it for me?" to "what's in it for us?”  “Us” being the racquetball community across the country.

For those of us who love our sport, membership is about staying connected to the racquetball family and supporting the National Governing Body and the sport itself.

Why? What does USA Racquetball bring to all of us?  USA Racquetball is the National Governing Body for Racquetball under the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC). Our National staff (Executive Director and one staff member, plus many volunteers) leads and provides: 

  • Event sanctioning (insurance/R2 for both indoor and outdoor)
  • National Championships and US OPEN 
  • Social media, website, online newsletter 
  • Rules maintenance, referee program, instructor program, event director support
  • Rankings and record book
  • Hall of Fame and Annual Awards
  • Pan American Sport under the USOPC
  • Other international coordination with the International Racquetball Federation, Asia Racquetball Federation, and the European Racquetball Federation, including WorldWide Racquetball Day in September
  • US Team and US Junior Teams representing the USA 
  • Committees working on several important initiatives (see documents on the website for committee descriptions and members)  
  • Multiple vehicles to allow manufacturers of racquetball equipment, racquetballs, etc. to showcase what they offer to the racquetball community
  • Membership rebate support back to your state association

If you know of other lapsed or never-been members in your player group, please invite them to renew or join. Have them email us if they have questions. In conclusion -- Please visit the USA Racquetball website ( and your state association website, and open up a whole world of racquetball you may not have known existed! If you have any questions, or if you have any ideas you would like to offer on how we can bring more value to you as a member, email us. We would love to hear from you! Hope to see you on the courts soon!