USA Racquetball Sponsors World Racquetball Day in September

by Karen Grisz

USA Racquetball, in conjunction with the International Racquetball Federation, is sponsoring an exciting concept that involves the entire worldwide racquetball community, both Indoor and Outdoor, the first-ever Worldwide Racquetball Day! Save the date - September 9, 2023.

The goals are to build visibility for racquetball around the globe; create unity for racquetball lovers everywhere; provide events for racquetball players of all skill levels; and even try to mentor and train a few new tournament directors. Also, we’d love for the shootouts to have a focus on getting Juniors to play. USA Racquetball will provide incentives to tournament directors who can get many Juniors involved in the day (contact Mike Grisz at for more information on Junior participation).

We want you, our racquetball community, to participate and help us promote the event. We’d like to have over 100+ one-day shootout events around the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, all on the same day!

Plans include:

  • A map of all of the tournaments on USA Racquetball’s social media
  • National emails to get the word out about all of the tournaments
  • Common hashtags for countries, states, clubs, and tournament directors to post information about their event
  • Sharing of livestreaming
  • Event winners’ names published in one place for the world to see!
WorldWide Racquetball Day Tournament Map

How can you be a part of this day? Host a shootout or play in one! The map will soon be on USA Racquetball’s Facebook page, with tournaments added to it as they get set up. Look for one in your area, or perhaps even travel somewhere new. 

Want more information? Reach out to Jonathan Greenberg at or Cindy Tilbury at

World Wide Racquetball Day Promotion