Team USA Challenge 2023

by USA Racquetball

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The Team USA Challenge Fundraising Drive is underway. We have two major competitions coming in October and November, featuring our U.S. National Adult and Junior Teams. First-up will be the Adults and then the Juniors will take the world stage!

In October, Head Coach Pablo Fajre and Assistant Coach Jen Meyer will support five top U.S. athletes, National Champions all, at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, October 21-26. We have a world class team traveling to compete and bring home the Gold – Daniel De La Rosa, Michelle Key, Alejandro Landa, Adam Manilla, and Erika Manilla.

Then, in November, our next generation of outstanding Juniors, 35 in number, will participate in the IRF World Junior Racquetball Championships in Tarija, Bolivia. A staff of five coaches will travel with the U.S. Junior Team – Head Coach Tim Baghurst, Esprit Coach Jen Meyer, and Assistant Coaches George Bustos, Adam Manilla, and Sandy Rios.

Team USA Challenge Fundraising Drive tax-deductible donations will be applied solely to assist in supporting athletes, coaches, and athletic trainers at these two international events.

With any donation of $500 or more, we will bestow the well-deserved title of Benefactor. To date, Benefactors include Jim Barnett, Rick Betts, Jim Easterling, Mike Grisz & Karen Grisz, Mike Kinkin (Team DOVETAIL), Cheryl Kirk & Kit Lawson, Stewart Solomon, and Cindy Tilbury.

This year’s goal is $25,000. You can help Team USA by clicking HERE.

On behalf of the U.S. Team, the U.S. Junior Team, Coaches, Staff Members, and Families of the Athletes, please accept our heartfelt gratitude for any amount you feel comfortable in contributing. 

Thank you, and... GO TEAM USA!

2023 Team USA Challenge