Year Men


2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19 Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019  Jake Bredenbeck (Minnesota)  Kelani Bailey-Lawrence (Virginia)
2018 David Horn (Calif.) Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2017 Rocky Carson (Calif.)
Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2016 Rocky Carson (Calif.) Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2015 Jake Bredenbeck (Arizona)
Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2014 Jake Bredenbeck (Arizona) Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2013 Marco Rojas (Calif.)
Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2012 Marco Rojas (Calif.) Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2011 Alex Ackermann (Texas) Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)
2010 Rocky Carson (Calif.) Cheryl Gudinas (Illinois)
2009 Jack Huczek (Texas) Aimee Ruiz (New Jersey)
2008 Rocky Carson (Calif.) Cheryl Gudinas-Holmes (Illinois)
2007 Mitch Williams (Colorado) Rhonda Rajsich (Arizona)

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