Year Men Women
2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19 Cancelled due to COVID-19 
2019  Frank Taddonio (Arizona) Cheryl Conrad (Iowa)
2018  Frank Taddonio (Arizona) Cheryl Conrad (Iowa)
2017  Frank Taddonio (Arizona) Cheryl Conrad (Iowa)
2016  Joe Lee Shirley Parsons (Colorado)
2015  Russ Montague (Penn.) Terry Rogers (Calif.)
2014  Russell Mannino (Calif.) Mildred Gwinn (N.C.)
2013  Gregory Hasty (Illinois) Mildred Gwinn (N.C.)
2012 Russell Mannino (Calif.) Merijean Kelley
2011 Jeffrey Leon (Florida) Merijean Kelley
2010 Brad Parra (Texas) Mildred Gwinn (N.C.)
2009 Mickey Bellah (Nevada) Marquita Molina (Calif.)
2008 Patrick Taylor (Illinois)  
2007 Patrick Taylor (Illinois) Mildred Gwinn (N.C.)
2006 Warren Reuther (Louisana) Mildred Gwinn (N.C.)
2005 Leland Rients (Minnesota) Marquita Molina (Calif.)
2003 Dave Snyder (Texas) Anabelle Kovar (Nebraska)
2002 Michael Jackson (Conn.) Lola Markus (Illinois)
2001 Jerry Holly (Calif.) Jo Kenyon (Florida)
2000 Otis Chapman (Ohio) Jo Kenyon (Florida)
1999 Otis Chapman (Ohio) Jo Kenyon (Florida)
1998 Otis Chapman (Ohio) Lola Markus (Illinois)
1997 Otis Chapman (Ohio) Mary Low Acuff
1996 Victor Sacco (New York)  
1995 Joe Lambert (Texas) Mary Low Acuff
1994 Joe Lambert (Texas) Mary Low Acuff
1993 Joe Lambert (Texas) Mary Low Acuff
1992 Fintan Kilbride  
1991 Mal Roberts (Florida) Claire Gautreau
1990 Victor Sacco (New York) Claire Gautreau
1989 John Bareilles  Mary Low Acuff
1988 Luzell Wilde Mary Low Acuff
1987 Luzell Wilde Mary Low Acuff
1986 Luzell Wilde  
1985 Luzell Wilde Eleanor Quackenbush (Oregon)
1984 Earl Acuff (Virginia) Lucille Douglas 
1983  Luzell Wilde   

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