Year Men Women
2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19 Cancelled due to COVID-19 
2019  Gonzalo Castillo (Texas) Mary Jane Caltagirone (Colorado)
2018  David Daniels (Calif.)  
2017  Kyle Kennedy (Arizona) Susie Boulanger (Arizona)
2016  Alan Lawson (Colorado) Kathy Stellema (Michigan)
2015  Glenn Carlson (Florida) Cheryl Kirk (Illinois)
2014  Kevin Barlia (Calif.) Peggine Tellez (Colorado)
2013  Charles Cole (Florida) Peggine Tellez (Colorado)
2012 John Wilinski (Minnesota) Sue Fast (Calif.)
2011 Tom Griffith (Wisconsin) Sue Fast (Calif.)
2010 Russell Palazzo (Florida) Debbie Roberson (Texas)
2009 Brad Cress (Texas) Karri Austin (Texas)
2008 Rick Betts (Calif.)  
Lynn Slaughter (Florida)
2006 Edward Fink (Texas) Connie Martin (Arizona)
2005  William DeLuca (Alabama) Sue Goodwin (Washington)

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