Year Men Women
2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19 Cancelled due to COVID-19 
2019  Doug Ganim (Ohio)   
2018  Doug Ganim (Ohio)  
2017  Doug Ganim (Ohio) Laura Brandt (Florida)
2016  Jim Lowe  Laura Brandt (Florida)
2015  Keith Minor (Illinois) Laura Brandt (Florida)
2014  Jim Lowe Jody Nance (Calif.)
2013  Jim Lowe  Chris Evon (Illinois)
2012 Bart Landsman (Calif.)  Debra Tisinger-Moore (Calif.)
2011 Richard Eisemann (Texas) Chris Evon (Illinois)
2010 Tim Hansen (Florida)  Malia Bailey (Virginia)
2009 Joe Hassey (Nevada) Malia Bailey (Virginia)
2008 Ivan Sanchez (Texas) Chris Evon (Illinois)
2007 Ruben Gonzalez (S.C.) Linda Moore (Arizona)
2006 Ruben Gonzalez (S.C.) Susan Pfahler (Florida)
2005 Ruben Gonzalez (S.C.) Susan Pfahler (Florida)
2003 Ruben Gonzalez (S.C.) Marsha Berry (Kentucky)
2002 Mitt Layton (Florida) Janet Myers (N.C.)
2001 Mitt Layton (Florida) Agatha Falso (Florida)
2000 Mitt Layton (Florida) Agatha Falso (Florida)
1999 Ed Remen (N.C.) Gerri Stoffregen (Ohio)
1998 Ed Remen (N.C.) Gerri Stoffregen (Ohio)
1997 Ed Remen (N.C.) Gerri Stoffregen (Ohio)
1996 Ed Remen (N.C.) Gerri Stoffregen (Ohio)
1995 Horace Miller (Illinois) Gerri Stoffregen (Ohio)
1994 Ron Galbreath (Penn.) Gerri Stoffregen (Ohio)
1993 Ron Galbreath (Penn.) Sharon Hastings-Welty (Oregon)
1992 Ron Galbreath (Penn.) Sharon Hastings-Welty (Oregon)
1991 Ron Galbreath (Penn.) Sharon Hastings-Welty (Oregon)
1990 Bobby Sanders  Kathy Mueller
1989 Bobby Sanders  Jo Kenyon (Florida)
1988 Bobby Sanders  Jo Kenyon (Florida)
1987 Bob Wetzel  Kathy Mueller 
1986 Charles Wickham (N.C.) Jo Kenyon (Florida)
1985 Charles Wickham (N.C.) Sue Graham 
1984 Pat Colombo (Michigan) Colleen Sloan 
1983  Bud Muehleisen (Minnesota) Noel Dingman 

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