Year Men Women
2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19 Cancelled due to COVID-19 
2019    Nancy Davis (Missouri)
2017  Herman Deluna (Arizona) Nancy Davis (Missouri)
2016  Everett Brunelle (Calif.) Nancy Davis (Missouri)
2015  Bruce Evans (Colorado) Nancy Davis (Missouri)
2014  Yury Furman (Calif.) CJ Herceg (Calif.)
2013  Scott Grunin (Mass.) Tracy Shearer (Calif.)
2012 Jason Utesch (Alabama)  Dionne Reid (Calif.)
2011 Shawn Conrad (Georgia) Debralynn Kahikina (Calif.)
2010 Jeffrey Waters (Texas) Christie Noller (Calif.)
2009 Jerry Hecht (Texas) Melody Gorno (Michigan)
2008 Eduardo Salehroa (Texas) Thao Le (Virginia)
2007 Dave Hibbard (N.C.) Rosario Betancourt-Kelley (Florida)
2006 Ray Cordero (Colorado) Holly Remen (N.C.)
2005  Bob Jackson (Miss.) Paula Saad (Michigan)

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