Year Men Women
2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19 Cancelled due to COVID-19 
2019  Brent Walters (N.C.)  
2017  Brent Walters (N.C.)  
2016  Mike Orr (Calif.)  
2015  Brent Walters (N.C.)  
2014  Tom Fuhrman (Calif.)  
2013  Jason Sylvester (New York)  
2012 Jason Bronson (Arizona) Cheyenne Hayes (Washington)
2011 Mike Harmon (Florida) Tracy Hawthorne (Ohio)
2010 Mike Orr (Calif.)  
2009 Jason Sylvester (New York)  
2008 Mike Orr (Calif.)  
2007 Brian Fredenberg (Texas) T.J. Baumbaugh (Virginia)
2006 Aaron Metcalf (Florida) Rachel Gellman (Arizona)
2005 Tom Fuhrman (Calif.) Rachel Gellman (Arizona)
2003 Tom Furhman (Calif.) Amy Foster (Calif.)
2002 Brian Fredenberg (Texas) Elaine Albrecht (Ohio)
2001 Kevin Graham (Minnesota) Elaine Albrecht (Ohio)
2000 Kevin Graham (Minnesota) Michelle Lucas (Virginia)
1999 Jeff Bell  Kim Russell (Texas)
1998 David Watson (Oklahoma) Kersten Hallander (Texas)
1997 Gregg Peck (Texas) Lorraine Galloway (New York)
1996 Bruce Erickson (Missouri) Kersten Hallander (Texas)
1995 John Amatulli (Indiana) Karin Sobotta (Washington)
1994 Armando Alonso (Florida) Karin Sobotta (Washington)
1993 Jimmy Lowe  Laura Fenton (Arizona)
1992 Dave Peck (Texas) Brenda Kyzer (S.C.)
1991 Bill Sell (Calif.)

Mary Lyons (Florida)

1990 Bobby Corcorran (Arizona) Linda Porter 
1989 Mark Morrison (Michigan) Susan Morgan
1988 Bobby Corcorran (Arizona) Susan Morgan
1987 Bill Land Susan Morgan 
1986 Bobby Corcorran (Arizona) Gail Woods (Louisana)
1985 Dennis Aceto (Mass.) Julia Pinnell 
1984 Jay Schwartz  Lucy Zarfos
1983  Joe Wirkus (Wisconsin) Brenda Loube (Maryland)

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