Women's #5 Singles

Year Champion
2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019  Chloe Durrans (Brigham Young University) 
2018  Krystal Bowen (Brigham Young University) 
2017  Kalie Moloney (University of Missouri) 
2016  Madison Myers (University of Missouri) 
2015  Christina Hughes (University of Missouri) 
2014  Erica Lipski (Oregon State University) 
2013  Kristin Hatch (Brigham Young University)
2012  Karissa Beatty (Oregon State University) 
2011  Kelly Powell (Oregon State University) 
2010  Leah Stanko (University of Missouri)
2009  Hilary Munger (Brigham Young Uuniversity)
2008 Charlotte Macfarlane (Brigham Young University)
2007 Kristen Landry (Arizona State University)
2006 Michelle Carrington (Oregon State University)
2005 Carrisa Stoddard (University of Utah)
2004 Kami Nicholas (Brigham Young University)
2003 Eileen Sanchez (Brigham Young University)
2002 Marci Mangelson (Brigham Young University)
2001 Regan Pore (Baldwin Wallace University)
2000 Jamie Christensen (Brigham Young University)
1999 Shannon Bridge (Brigham Young Univeristy)
1998 Janette Olsen (Brigham Young University)
1997 Colleen Keegan (Brigham Young University)
1996 Amanda Van Orman (Brigham Young University)
1995 Lori Thompson (Brigham Young University)
1994 Karen Pearson (Brigham Young University)
1993 Donna Panter (SW Missouri State University)
1992 Donna Panter (SW Missouri State University)
1991 Kate Clancy (Bryant College)
1990 Wendy Bradanini (Sacramento State)
1989 Nichole Anthony (Sacramento State)

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