Men's #6 Singles

Year Champion
2020  Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019  Spencer Bankhead (Brigham Young University) 
2018  Ryan Chin (Oregon State University) 
2017  Ethan Slutzky (Baldwin Wallace University)
2016  Ryan Chin (Oregon State University) 
2015  Juan Durazo (Arizona State University) 
2014  Joey Pryor (Oregon State University) 
2013  Sam Reid (Oregon State University) 
2012  Jonathan Edwards (Oregon State University)
2011  Tyler Stone (Colorado State University - Pueblo) 
2010  Jeremy McGlothin (Colorado State University - Pueblo) 
2009  Rick Gardner (Brigham Young University) 
2008 Jonathan Cheney (Arizona State University)
2007 Josh Weldon (University of Alabama)
2006 Ross Keroes (Penn State University)
2005 Mat Melster (Colorado State University - Pueblo)
2004 Mat Melster (Colorado State University - Pueblo)
2003 Adam Long (Penn State University)
2002 Jason Zilveti (Arizona State University)
2001 Brandon Burgess (University of Southern Colorado)
2000 Nick Giunta (University of Southern Colorado)
1999 Lee George (University of Southern Colorado)
1998 Don Petrella (University of Florida)
1997 Alfredo Andazola (University of Southern Colorado)
1996 Cristian Guerra (University of Southern Colorado)
1995 Ben Ryder (University of Wisconsin)
1994 Billy Perrone (SW Missouri State University)
1993 Billy Perrone (SW Missouri State University)
1992 Bruce Erickson (SW Missouri State University)
1991 Buz Sawyer (SW Missouri State University)
1990 Mike Engel (Memphis State University)
1989 Lance Nelson (Memphis State University)

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