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World Outdoor Racquetball Update for March 2022

by Todd Boss, with contributions from Mike Coulter, Peggine Tellez, T. J. Baumbaugh

2022 Outdoor Cup Series Announced for both Men and Women’s Pros!

3WB Women's Outdoor Cup  3WB Men's Outdoor Cup

3WallBall Incorporated, the leading Outdoor Racquetball tournament production organizer in the nation, is proud to announce the 2022 Outdoor Cup Series! This is a new year-long Racquetball Cup Challenge Series held in conjunction with our three Outdoor major championships in 2022. 

Players will accrue Cup bonus points based on their finishes in the competition events at the three outdoor majors. Players can compete in Pro Singles, Pro Doubles, Mixed Pro Doubles, or CPRT Pro Doubles, and the best two results per tournament are used to assign Cup points. In the case of the Vegas tournament, where both 1-wall and 3-wall events are offered, only the results in the 3-wall events will count towards the Cup points. This unique competition evens the playing field between one-wall and three-wall specialists and should make for a fun year-long competition as players track their standings after each major event.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of LPL Financial (Rosco Halsey and Jason Hupp) for the Women’s cup, and thanks to the generous sponsorship of KWM Gutterman (Keith Minor), these Cup competitions will feature thousands of dollars of cash prizes to the winners in addition to a free stay at The STRAT to the winner.

This competition is held in partnership with 3WallBall Incorporated, the Ladies Professional Racquetball Tour (LPRT), and Pro Racquetball Stats (Todd Boss), who will be the stat keeper for the competition.


Updates on the Outdoor Majors

Here’s the latest news from the three Outdoor Major tournaments (see the upcoming events section for exact dates and locations).

Beach Bash 2022

2022 APCON Beach Bash Logo

  • Event Dates: 3/24/22-3/27/22 at the Garfield Street Courts in Hollywood, Florida
  • R2 website:
  • Title sponsor: APCON (Abel Perez): thanks to Abel for your support of Outdoor Racquetball.
  • 200 person limit has been reached; to be put on a waiting list, contact the tournament directors.

Outdoor Nationals 2022

Outdoor National Racquetball Championships logo

  • Event Dates: 7/14/22-7/17/22 at Marina Park in Huntington Beach, California
  • R2 home page:
  • Title sponsors: Team Root and Pro Kennex! Thanks to Randy Root and Mike Martinez for your continued support of Outdoor Racquetball.
  • Other Gold sponsors of the 2022 event include Melissa’s Restaurant, KWM Gutterman (Keith Minor), Gearbox (Rafael Filippini), Bloom Injury Law (Mark Bloom), Splathead (Joe Hall), Daily Racquetball (Jeffrey Thompson), Roundabout Entertainment, Coca Cola, and RH Enterprises

3WallBall 2022

  • Event Dates: 10/26/22-10/30/22 at The STRAT, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • R2 home page:
  • Title Sponsor: KWM Gutterman (Keith Minor). Thanks to Keith for his continued patronage of outdoor racquetball, both in Las Vegas and everywhere else.
  • Thanks to the proximity of the event to Halloween, 3WB 2022 will feature costume parties and other themed events all weekend!


Mark your Calendars for these Upcoming Outdoor Events for 2022

March 24-27, 2022: APCON 2022 Beach Bash, hosted by 3WallBall. Garfield Street Courts, Hollywood, Florida. 3WallBall official event.  
Tournament Director: Peggine Tellez. Limited to 200 players.
April 2-3, 2022: WOR AZ Final Battle.  Horizon High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
Tournament Director: Michelle De La Rosa
April 23, 2022 (tentative): One-day NorCal Shootout, West High School, Tracy, California
Tournament Director: Frank Biehl
May 1, 2022 Eustis Long Wall Championships, Eustis, Florida
Tournament Director: Rod Van Dyke. In case of rain, commitment from Ron Miller to use his indoor courts.
Early May, 2022 (tentative): Raybro Memorial Doubles Shootout, Tracy McDonald Park, Tracy, California
Tournament Director: Frank Biehl
May 28-29, 2022 (tentative): Sacramento Outdoor tournament, site TBD, Sacramento, California
Tournament Director: Brent Hoskins
June 3-5, 2022: Capital City Championships, Stratton Woods Park, Herndon, Virginia
Tournament Director: Amie Brewer & Carrie Handfinger Hoeft
July 14-17, 2022: 2022 Outdoor Nationals, Marina Park, Huntington Beach, California
Tournament Directors: Geoff Osberg & Jesus Ustarroz
August 12-14, 2022: Windy City 3Wall Brawl Championships, Chicago, Illinois
Tournament Director: Joey Logan
Mid August, 2022 (tentative): Silicon Valley Shootout, Mitchell Park, Palo Alto, California.
Tournament Director: Erica Williams & Walter Ramos 
September 24, 2022: Fallen Comrades 4, St. Claire Shores Outdoor Courts, St. Claire Shores, Michigan
Tournament Director: Tom Blakeslee
Mid-September, 2022 (tentative): One-day Tracy Shootout, Tracy, California
Tournament Director: Frank Biehl
October 26-30, 2022: 13th Annual 3WallBall Outdoor Championships, Las Vegas, Nevada
Tournament Directors: Mike Coulter & Peggine Tellez
R2 Sports Site:
December 16-18, 2022: 2nd annual Hollywood Beach Battle, Hollywood, Florida. 
Tournament Directors: Maddie Melendez & Thao Le


The Latest on Dane Elkins

Dane Elkins flyer

Dane Remains Missing

There was a reported sighting on 2/18/22 near Beaverton, Oregon. This is an interesting development in the search, since Beaverton has such a rich racquetball history. It came on the back of a less credible sighting in Portland the previous night. But, it has been months since the last confident sighting (Modesto in September). By now, it’s easily possible for him to have made his way that far north into Oregon.  

If you see Dane or may know about his whereabouts, his mother Deborah Kassin Elkins respectfully asks you to contact her at 562-504-6005 and to send any pictures or videos to

To keep updated, please consider joining the Facebook Group “Searching for Dane Elkins” at this link: The Elkins family is continually providing updates, possible sightings, and news articles/media coverage on the search.


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Plus, there’s a slew of geographic-specific groups that talk about play all over the country. Wherever you live, there’s likely to be a group that coordinates play in your area. Reach out to WOR to find a Facebook group or a state director to help you out.


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